Friends of the Old Bega Hospital - Membership

Membership of the Friends of the Old Bega Hospital is open to all interested members of the public. At this stage there is no form of membership for bodies corporate.  Members are bound by the constitution.

More members gives more strength to our arm in seeking to get the Old Hospital back on its feet.

An initial public meeting on 13 January 2013 resolved that the membership fee for individuals would be $10 per year, with the membership year ending on 30 June (in order to keep administration under control).

Filling out a membership application form will assist us with managing the membership.  Renewing members do not need to fill out the form again:

  • Word version - which you can type into and then print or email
  • pdf version - which you can print and then write on

The membership fee can be paid electronically (details are on the form).

Members are encouraged to subscribe to the Newsletter. Subscribing on-line makes it much easier for us to send newsletters to you and also gives you direct control over your subscription.