Friends of Old Bega Hospital Activities

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A principal activity of the Friends is to raise money for repair of the Old Hospital as an indicator of strong community support for the project. The Old Bega Hospital Reserve Trust actively solicits grants from government and non government sources.

The Reserve Trust is not able to accept tax deductible contributions (because all of its assets would go to the NSW government if it was wound up). Nor at this stage are the Friends - see the first newsletter for a discussion of the impediments.  While the Minister has indicated that there is no current plan to sell the site, it could be sold at any time. Given the current (early 2018) uncertainty about local and state government intentions for the future of the site, it seems unlikely that the community would commit substantial private funding to restore the building at this stage.

Much money will be required. The Reserve Trust has prepared estimates for the roof work, for the remainder of the exterior work required to get the building to lockup stage, particularly windows to match the heritage character of the exterior, and then for internal fitout, including floors, doors, walls, electrical, plumbing, draining, fire, heating, cooling and other services. To get the roof on, repair windows and doors to make the building safe and watertight and put in a basic floor, is likely to cost of the order of $1m.  The total including internal repairs and fitout to cover both heritage and current standards is likely to be about three million dollars - it is a substantial building. The Friends hope volunteer community effort will assist building work once major works are complete.

So contributions are most welcome. Anyone who feels they may be able to make a significant contribution at some stage, either financially or by provision of materials or services, would be welcome to discuss it with either or both the Friends or the Trust. Contact us.

The donation form includes details of the Friends bank account. As donations are not tax deductible, receipts will be issued only on request. If you do not require a receipt, donations can be made direct into the bank account without using the form.