Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Newsletter

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It's time to renew your membership to Friends of the Old Bega Hospital, and this year it is very, very important to do that.

As you probably know Andrew Constance announced funding of three million dollars for the restoration of the OBH before the last State election. The money is coming from the Regional Communities Development Fund, which provides funding for good projects that have wide community support and have, for one reason or another, been unable to gain moneys for their work.

We were naturally delighted, and recently held a meeting with the program manager, Leanne Perry, to find out how to secure that three million dollars.

It works like this. A politician has to nominate us for the fund, then we have to fill out numerous details about the project and once that is all in place, a survey will be held throughout the local government area to ensure it is backed by the community.

We know we have your support, but to be able to confirm that to the panel overseeing this funding, the practical support of numbers of people outlaying $10 for membership will go a long way to making sure we gain that funding.

If you are not a member, and also if you know of friends or family who can join, use the one of the membership forms at (renewing members don't need to fill out the form again). Friends of the Old Bega Hospital accepts direct deposits to its bank account. Details are:

Bank: IMB Bank
BSB: 641-800
Account: 200669857
Include your name as the reference.

You can also send a cheque to 182 Newtown Road, Bega, (yes, I know, people, but Luddites like me do still send cheques), or just hand over the $10 to Pat Jones, Richard Bomford, John Reynolds, Claire Lupton, Jay Ellard, Val Little, David Stocker or Warren Page.

Also talk up the project to everyone you know, telling them how important it is to save this piece of Bega heritage, and what a wonderful asset the Community and Cultural Centre will be.

Trivia Night

We still have to raise funds, because even when the three million is spent, it will be the bare bones of a building and will need furnishing: so gather together a group for the Trivia Night on August 3 at the Tarraganda Golf Club. Those who have been before know what a fun night that is. Daniel Doody will be quizzmaster once more. See the poster for details of bookings. Print it out too, and put it up on your local notice board.

You might also want to have a look at architects' drawings of the restored building. A development application is currently before Council (DA 2019.141).

Cheers, Claire.