Old Bega Hospital - Current Uses

Current uses of the site are limited to the usable parts of the Hospital and grounds, following a fire in the main building in 2004 (see History).

The Bega Valley Weavers use the operating theatre.

The Valley Potters use the Morgue and have installed kilns and other equipement.

Edge FM uses the Nurses Quarters as its studios. Other parts of the building are used for art classes

The Reserve Land Manager has agreed with the Bega Men's Shed to licence part of the grounds for a building for the Men's Shed. Men's Shed members are helping with management of the grounds.

The Cottage is used for meetings and other small group activities.

Spaces, including the grounds, are available to hire or longer term rentals for meetings, markets and activities, including profit making businesses.

Contact the Reserve Land Manager if you would like to hire a space or have other needs you would like to discuss.