Photos of the Old Bega Hospital 1956 to 1987

Photos of the Old Bega Hospital have come from a number of sources over many years. Copies are collected here for convenience and safekeeping. Generally the provenance, author, copyright ownership and even the date of each photo, are unknown. We are more than happy to acknowledge sources and ownership where they are known, and apologise for any breaches. We are also working on identifying more precisely and accurately what is shown in each photo. If you can help with any of these aspects for any of the photos please Contact Us. Photos are listed here in approximately date order with the most recent photos at the top.

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Photos from 1956 to 1987, the lean years when the Hospital fell into disrepair


Aerial view of the buildings, date uncertain, but red painted roofs indicate pre restoration. Driveway close to north side of buildings

Nurses' Quarters from southeast, with agricultural machinery left behind and extensive enclosure of verandahs


General views of west end of south side of main building, with ?Pantry in front, Laundry to left and Nurses' Quarters behind. Main building has unpainted or grey painted roof, other buildings have red painted roofs

General view of east end of south side of main building. Operating Theatre on the right

General view along south side of mainbuilding, looking east. Laundry on right, Operating Theatre at rear, Pantry? in centre, and southwest corner of main building on left

Walkway. Between main building and Laundry?

Western end of main building, looking northeast. Toilets on right

Northern entry

North side of building, looking east. Roof still painted red

Nurses' Quarters from northeast. Hay bales stacked on verandah

General view from northwest. Nurses' Quarters on right with red roof, Laundry behind, main building on left with unpainted (or grey painted) roof


Main building outside from the north, with water troughs

Agricultural equipment stored in the Men's Ward. A hole was knocked into the southern wall so equipment could be brought in

Tractor advertisments and tool stencils adorn the walls

Polypipe left over from agriculture days. Looks like repairs started in background. Could be inside Laundry, looking north to main building

Verandah looking east, and Women's Ward looking west

Gable top, missing finial (date uncertain)

One of the bay windows