Photos of the Old Bega Hospital 1900 to 1956

Photos of the Old Bega Hospital have come from a number of sources over many years. Copies are collected here for convenience and safekeeping. Generally the provenance, author, copyright ownership and even the date of each photo, are unknown. We are more than happy to acknowledge sources and ownership where they are known, and apologise for any breaches. We are also working on identifying more precisely and accurately what is shown in each photo. If you can help with any of these aspects for any of the photos please Contact Us. Photos are listed here in approximately date order with the most recent photos at the top.

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Photos 1900 to 1956, when the Hospital was working as a hospital

Two women with boy on main steps


Two nurses with boy

Theatre sister and nurse in operating theatre (in the main building). From NSW State Library:

Six nurses on verandah steps


Two nurses. Two more nurses

Eleven nurses, with doctors (and administration staff?) on steps, with notice. Dr McKee in centre

Margaret Court (nee Pearce), Betty Scott (nee Devlin), Jack Noble (surgical dresser), and Del Jones (nee Maddern)

Del Jones (nee Maddern) with unknown child

Bega Town Band

Gardens on the north side of the main building and Nurses' Quarters. Rail fence, electricity poles, verandahs enclosed (so probably after 1937)

Two women and a man with sporty car. Location uncertain

Car at the front door, nurses and doctor on the steps, made up bed on the verandah. Has 'Braine Ph[oto]' added to photo near wheel of car.

Exterior of eastern end of the main building, looking northwest and southwest. Eastern verandah not enclosed

Grounds with buggy, paling fence, remnant red gum, various exotic trees, open verandahs, overhead telephone lines, Nurses' Quarters present (so post 1928). Another copy of this photo has 'Braine' added

Movie Ball (in the King's Cinema?), 26 August 1925

Old Bega Hospital 'after 1900'. Both photos show picket fence and telephone lines. Upper photo appears not to have Nurses' Quarters, so may be pre 1928. There is a larger version above of the lower photo with the buggy: this copy has 'Braine' written on it

Original of upper left photo above, from State Library of NSW: Possibly, righthand (western) end is in brick, while lefthand (east) is still in timber with tower on the corner?

Women's Ward verandah enclosed with small pane windows, rather than the current large sliding windows. Post and rail fence. Water tower looms over back of the main building

Fairly distant view from northwest, with open paddock with stumps in foreground. Appears that Men's ward is brick, but Women's ward is still weatherboard with tower on the corner

Poor quality photo showing distant view of the hospital, with picket fence and various other fences. Fairly young exotic trees, one large remnant red gum. Photo inscribed 'Braine Photo'

Motor car, NSW registration 216.528. Window at end of Men's Ward verandah composed of many small panes. McKee photo collection


Dr McKee and others on northern steps. McKee photo collection

Water tower looms over main building. Some decoration on main ridge of roof. McKee photo collection


Staff on steps, ambulance and other vehicles in front of northern entry. McKee photo collection

Loading patient into an ambulance. And patient arriving at the new Bega District Hospital, 1956 or 57. McKee photo collection

Group of surgeons? Not certain that this is the Old Bega Hospital. McKee photo collection

Staff on northern verandah and steps. Dr McKee. McKee photo collection

Watering the gardens. General view of north facade with formal gardens, including box plants. McKee photo collection

Flu, Bega 1919: No 2 Manse General Squad. McKee photo collection. Also in State Library collection (, where it is annotated "Emergency Hospital Influenza Epidemic. "The Manse" was the Presbyterian minister's residence and it was taken over because it was unoccupied at the time to handle the overflow of patients from the main hospital - Bega, NSW"; and "Back L to R: Dorie, Maunder, Percy Smith, Bertha Pell, Leo Spindler, Marjorie Sire, - . Front L to R: Sister Cole, Ann Weatherhead - all volunteers."

Morning tea on the verandah. McKee photo collection

Nurses' Quarters. 240v electricity. Verandahs half enclosed. Dr McKee. McKee photo collection

Main building gardens. Nurses' Quarters to right. And at far right, what appears to be another building in front of the Nurses' Quarters: that may be a weatherboard administration building, since disappeared. McKee photo collection

Main building looking closed and somewhat fogotten. But blinds on verandahs rather than glassed in, so pre 1937. McKee photo collection

Visiting VIPs? McKee photo collection.