Friends of the Old Bega Hospital - Refund and Cancellation Policy

The following refund and cancellation policy applies to purchases from the Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc, including but not limited to merchandise (e.g. tea towels, T shirts), events and raffle tickets.

If merchandise does not meet statutory requirements and the purchaser is entitled to a refund by law, then we will refund 100% of fee paid by the customer. If the customer is entitled by law to repair or replacement of the merchandise, then we will repair or replace the merchandise or refund 100% of the fee paid by the customer, at our option. If we offer a written warranty or returns offer, then a refund will be provided in accordance with the warranty or offer if the circumstances trigger the warranty or offer conditions.

Unless the terms of sale provide otherwise, if we cancel an event, we will offer the customer a 100% refund of the fee paid. If the terms of sale of an event include conditions under which a full or partial refund will not be given, then we will not offer the customer a full or partial refund in accordance with the conditions and the circumstances. We may also offer an alternative event or other alternatives. If the customer accepts an offer of a refund, we will process a refund to the customer.

If the customer is not happy with a service we have provided but is not entitled to a refund, we will generally not offer a refund in whole or in part. If the customer chooses to return merchandise or to cancel participation in an event, we may offer a full or partial refund, but will not be obliged to do so unless we have previously agreed in writing that we will do so and that agreement forms part of the contract of sale and any conditions included in that agreement have been met.

Membership fees, donations and raffle ticket sales are not refundable unless the purchaser is entitled to a refund by law.