Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Newsletter 4 August 2023

Dear Friends of the Old Bega Hospital

Guess what’s happening at the OBH today:

This bit of roof is being held up in part by original timbers that survived the fire, and partly by new timber which replaces bits that were too burnt to be structurally sound. The main part of the roof will be held up by new trusses.

The decorative gable ends on the western end of the building (along the lines of the ones above the ‘Hospital 1888’ sign in the top photo) looked OK from the outside, but closer inspection from inside the roof cavity showed they were mostly charcoal with a layer of paint. So they will be taken down and new ones made. The remains of the old ones will be stored in the roof space.

With best wishes

Richard Bomford

Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc