Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Newsletter 5 May 2023

Finally, finally, finally, we (the Reserve Land Manager) have awarded a contract for restoration of the main building at the Old Bega Hospital. Local builders Leser Build will be working on it for the next year or so, and by next May or thereabouts there should be a complete roof, lots of doors and windows, and a full range of services connected (electricity etc). The contract award follows years of design work, applying for grants, getting development applications approved and the like. At this stage we only have enough money to actually finish about 45% of the floor area ready for occupation, but that will include a community kitchen, the men's ward as a largish working space, a couple of verandahs and a few separate rooms: we can start to think and dream about who might use them for what.

It is all part of 'Putting the OBH Back Together Again' and it isn't over yet! A big thank you to each and every one who has helped to get us this far.


Richard Bomford

Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc