Friends of Old Bega Hospital Newsletter 21 September 2017

Notice of Meeting

2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc will be held at 2pm on Sunday 15 October 2017 at the Nurses Quarters (EdgeFM building) at the Old Bega Hospital, 3 Corkhill Place, Bega NSW.


1. Opening of meeting

2. To confirm the minutes of previous general meeting, the 2016 AGM held on 13 November 2016.

3. To receive from the committee reports on the activities of the association during the last preceding financial year

4. To receive and consider the financial statement and report

5. To elect office-bearers of the association and ordinary committee members

6. General business.

Explanatory notes

1. Article 29 of the constitution requires 5 financial members to be present to constitute a quorum. The constitution is available on the Friends website, New or non-financial members should contact the Secretary ( to pay the annual dues ($10) before the meeting.

2. For agenda item 2, the minutes of the 2016 AGM are at attachment 1 below.

3. For agenda item 3, the president's report is at attachment 2 below.

4. For agenda item 4, the financial statements are at attachment 3 below.

5. The office bearers of the association are set out in article 16 of the constitution. To be elected are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and 3 ordinary committee members. Article 17 of the constitution sets out the processes for nomination and election. The only requirements for nominations are that they must be made in writing, be signed by 2 members of the association and be accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of the nomination); and that nominations should be sent to the Secretary 7 days before the meeting. There is no specific nomination form. If following consideration of nominations received in advance there are unfilled positions then further nominations will be accepted at the meeting.

People with no committee experience are encouraged to nominate if they would like to learn about committee processes. Being a committee member involves legal responsibilities, so informal arrangements may need to be made for people under 18. Contact us ( in the first instance) if you would like to discuss a nomination or the nomination process.


Attachment 1

Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Minutes of Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Inc on Sunday, November 13, 2016, at the Old Bega Hospital cottage.

Apologies: Ray Dawson

Present: Richard Bomford, Val Little, Claire Lupton, Pat Jones, Eric Myers, Jay Ellard,  John Reynolds and  Ron Winter.

Minutes: Minutes of the annual general meeting of Friends of the Old Bega Hospital held on November 8, 2015. Moved: Pat Jones, seconded John Reynolds. Carried.

President's Report: The President gave his report which is attached. He moved that his report be received, seconded by Eric Myers. Carried.

Treasurer's report: As attached. Closing balance membership fund: $2,665.97. Closing balance public fund: $32, 807.35. Closing public account: $378.86.

Moved John Reynolds, seconded Jay Ellard. Carried.

It was moved Val Little, seconded Pat Jones, that $44 be paid for the NSW Fair Trading incorporation fee.

Election of officers and committee:

It was moved by Richard Bomford and seconded by Eric Myers that the fundraising committee members are Val Little, John Reynolds, Pat Jones, Rebecca Lupton and Claire Lupton. Carried.

It was agreed that the dates for the 2017 and 2018 Spring Fairs be October 29, 2017 and September 30, 2018 and that these dates be publicised.

Attachment 2

President's Report

The Friends principal activities in the 12 months to 30 June 2017 were to raise public awareness and funds for the Old Bega Hospital, and to support the Old Bega Reserve Trust. The Trust has day to day responsibility for management of the Old Bega Hospital, on behalf of NSW Crown Lands, the owner.

Fund raising and community awareness

The Friends, through its fund raising committee, organised a trivia night at the Tarraganda Golf Club on the evening of Saturday 30 July, with Andrew Ogilvie as master of ceremonies. That was the first such event organised by the team, and it was a goodly success: about 100 people participated, many cakes were made and auctioned, and the takings were $1,221 (plus raffle ticket sales). On the other hand, it was a lot of work. And we did not get any new members. The conclusion of those most involved was that it was worth repeating next year.

The Friends conducted a raffle, with sales starting at the Trivia night. The Friends looked long and hard at a car raffle, but advice received was that it involved too much effort to sell the number of tickets required at the price required: that scale of raffle was better suited to groups with access to a greater population than the Friends could reach. So the raffle was scaled down, to a $5,000 travel voucher. Sales at the Trivia night totalled $430, and we were off to a good start. Further sales were concentrated at the Spring Fair and from a stall on Carp Street in Bega. By the time of the draw just before Christmas, the surplus after costs (the prize, ticket printing) was $2,481.45. Again, it was a lot of work, much of which fell on a small number of shoulders. Again, the conclusion of those most involved was that it was worth repeating next year.

The 2016 Spring Fair, Raise the Roof, was held on 25 October 2016. Several hundred people participated, though perhaps not as many as in the inaugural Spring Fair in 2015. The Spring Fair is the major event for involving the community in the Old Bega Hospital. We had major sponsors again in RD Miller, Bega Cheese and Bega Valley Shire Council, as well as a long list of donors to the chocolate wheel. The Friends are very grateful for that support. A great deal of organising is required for the Fair - everything from parking to barbecues and much in between. As well as raising awareness and providing a fun day for the community, the Fair raised a net $5,302.80, after sponsorships, donations and expenses.

Trust activities

The Reserve Trust had an active year trying to get the main building repaired. Much of it revolves around grant applications because the repair of damage from the 2004 fire will cost a great deal of money - of the order of $3m to complete it to a reasonable standard. The Trust applied for and received $100,000 from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to engage an architect to draw up plans for restoration works. A major stumbling block for getting grants to do work is that most schemes require the work to be 'shovel ready': i.e. plans drawn up, Council approvals in place, ready to go; and often have a requirement that funds be spent within 12 months. For a project of this size and complexity, getting to that position is difficult, and expensive: not something you want to do often. So the funding for the architecture is very welcome. The Trust has also considered whether it is feasible to complete the work in a single stage. While that is clearly the most economical way of going about it, it is also clear that it is very unlikely to be achievable. Years of trying to organise the funding, meetings with politicians, getting letters of support, writing letters to Ministers, and filling out application forms, has failed to find any hint that large scale funding will come. Rather, the best the Trust has achieved is an offer of $500,000 from the Department of Industry, which is for work on the roof only and conditional on the Trust finding a further $1.7m to complete the works. The Trust sought and was given an extension on that offer, but not a relaxation of the conditions.

The Trust has concluded recently (September 2017) that it should now concentrate on a staged repair. The first stage will be to put on a roof (meeting heritage requirements), put glass in the windows, put in lockable external doors, and put in a chipboard floor through the entire building. There may be other requirements too, like exit signs, but the aim will be to do no more at the first stage than is required to get the whole building so that it can be legally occupied by the community. The architect will come up with plans for later stages, and we will get them approved by Council as a framework for the future. It will be up to the community to find uses for the building, and to work with the Trust to find the funds to implement the further work required - including restoring heritage features inside and out, bit by bit.

The Trust completed work to install a disabled toilet in the main building, and to upgrade existing toilets in the main building and the Nurses Quarters. Funding for that work came from the Crown Lands Public Reserves Management Fund and the Federal Stronger Communities Program. The Trust recently (August 2017) got funds to repair of the Nurses Quarters roof, which is past its use by date.

Attachment 3

Financial Reports

Operating Statement at 30 June 2017


June 30, 2017

June 30, 2016
















 Spring Fair



 Trivia Night



Total Income







June 30, 2017

June 30, 2016

 AGM dvert



 Bank fees



 Bega Show Art Prizes



 Edge FM BBQ Help



 Fair Trading lodgement fees






 Pamphlet design






 Raffle Prize & costs



 Reserve Trust site & room hire



 Spring Fair Costs



 Trivia Costs



 Spring fair float






Total Expenses






Net result of Operations for the year






Balance Sheet at 30 June 2017


June 30, 2017

June 30, 2016

Current Assets



 Everyday Membership A/c 200669857



 Public Investment A/c 200699946



 Public A/c 200669859



Total Current Assets






Current Liabilities






Net Current Assets






Non current Assets



Non Current Liabilities



Net Non Current Assets






Total Assets