Friends of Old Bega Building Blocks

Collect the Old Bega Hospital 'Building Blocks of Memories', based on photos from the ruins of the OBH in 2022.

Collect the templates, assemble them, play with them. See the poster (pdf, 0.3MB; or jpg version).

The main building of the Old Bega Hospital Regional Community Cultural Centre was left in ruins by a fire on 2 May 2004. It has sat overlooking Bega as The Ruin on the Hill.

In 2022 restoration of the building will begin, and it should be completed by early 2024, 20 years after the fire.

To celebrate our creative hub being restored, we want to share a collection of great photos of the ruin with the OBH Building Blocks of Memory.

What stories can be told? What stories can you see? What is written in the ruins?

We will post a different template each week for you to make and build your collection.

The templates are free. They will be released on facebook and be downloadable from the OBH website (links at the bottom of this page). Everyone can be involved.

Start your own collection. Each template will be A4 sized. Print, cut, fold and paste to make your own blocks. You can make them any size you want, depending on the capacity of your printer and your ability to print onto multiple sheets of paper (hint: use the pdf version of the template; in the print menu under Page Sizing, choose the 'Poster' option; adjust the scale and paper orientation until you are happy with it. When you are finished, reset the print menu to the 'Size' option for normal printing).

Each file is about 1MB:

Block 1, March 2022  pdf    jpg

Block 2, March 2022  pdf    jpg

Block 3, March 2022  pdf    jpg

Block 4, March 2022  pdf    jpg

Block 5, April 2022    pdf     jpg

Block 6, April 2022    pdf    jpg

Block 7, April 2022    pdf    jpg

Block 8, April 2022    pdf    jpg

Block 9, May 2022    pdf    jpg

Block 10, May 2022   pdf   jpg