Friends of the Old Bega Hospital VEGEMITE® Cooking Competition

The VEGEMITE® cooking competition is on for 2023, with judging at the 2023 Raise the Roof Spring Fair at the Old Bega Hospital on 29 October 2023.

The Friends are going to celebrate the centenary of our iconic Vegemite® spread by adding a handmade section to our Old Bega Hospital Vegemite® Cooking Competition this year. The Bega Valley’s artisans are invited to create a Vegemite®-themed handmade item of any description and to bring the item in for display and judging by the Bega CWA ladies on the day of the Fair. There are only 2 rules for the handmade section:

Here's the 2023 VEGEMITE® Entry Form, with instructions.

Time to get your thinking caps on for original recipes and creations, and to scour the web for other ideas!

Did you read about it in the Sydney Morning Herald, Column 8, on 15 August?:

"With all the references to Vegemite (C8) of late, I feel encouraged to invite all those with Vegemite-infused finger food recipes (sweet or savoury) to enter the Friends of the Old Bega Hospital Vegemite Cooking Competition, which is judged by Bega CWA,’’ writes Valerie Little of Tathra. ‘‘ This competition is held in October at the Friends Raise the Roof Spring Fair. Entry is free and Vegemite-themed prizes are provided. This year the iconic spread turns 100, which should inspire cooks to put their best foot forward to promote the many uses of the umami flavour of Vegemite."

Many thanks to those who are organising and getting ready.