Photos of the Old Bega Hospital in 1988

Photos of the Old Bega Hospital have come from a number of sources over many years. Copies are collected here for convenience and safekeeping. Generally the provenance, author, copyright ownership and even the date of each photo, are unknown. We are more than happy to acknowledge sources and ownership where they are known, and apologise for any breaches. We are also working on identifying more precisely and accurately what is shown in each photo. If you can help with any of these aspects for any of the photos please Contact Us. Photos are listed here in approximately date order with the most recent photos at the top.

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Photos from 1988, when the community restored the Hospital as a community centre

The restored exterior

Bow window in the Matron's Office, showing tiled floor which mostly survived the 2004 fire

 Matron's Office, looking north through bay windows

 Tree planting. Jackie Miles and Max Campbell on left, possibly Don Firth in centre, Alastair Clarke and probably Daisy Trendall on right.

  More tree planting and gardening

Yet more tree planting and garden establishement

Restored Women's Ward verandah. Restored Men's Ward verandah. Hay still stored on Nurses' Quarters verandah behind

Restored hallway.

    Restored window arch (north side of main building)   

Smoko on a verandah

Cleaning walls.  Washing walls, Women's Ward. Scaffolding, ladder, bucket, gloves

Trenches and brickwork, western end of the main building looking north

Restored mantelpiece

Restored ward, with fireplace and doors. Restored ward, windows

  Window repair workshop on Women's ward north verandah

General repairs workshop

   Windows waiting for rehabilitation.

    Preparing for replacement of verandah timber, southern side main building. Asphalt on ground, possibly intended to reduce damp. Numerous holes in brickwork

   Brick arches in northeast corridor

  Working on a door (?). Window frame clamps on floor (?)

    North-east corner and eastern end of Women's Ward: windows awaiting re-installation

     North side of Women's Ward, windows and doors under repair. Electrical holes & channels patched

Installing verandah sliding windows

Arbelia cleaning a door. Arbelia sweeping and Brendan Dwyer sawing, February 1988

  Men's Ward, looking east, with stacked materials - timber, corrugated iron

Men's Ward north verandah looking east, with unidentified tubular materials stacked

  Looking south through the building on north-south axis. Looks like a concrete verandah

  North view framed by window. Verandah awaiting new roof. Hydrangeas

Looking east along the northern side. Freshly painted steps

Restoring the room at the western end of the main building, that became the Family Day Care office

Exterior of restored window masonry, along north side of main building

Layers of paint, stripped back heritage colours.    New colours in background

Women's Ward: doors, windows, flooring

Women's Ward and verandah, restored

Main building from north and from northwest. Garden wall across the front suggests 1988 restoration, as that wall is absent in earlier photos, and is present in 2017

General views of north side of restored main building, showing steps down into garden with new brick wall

More general views of restored main building from the north

More distant general views showing dirt driveway up to northern entrance